Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Really Apple, really?!?!

I purchased my iPad 3 the day it was released back in March 2012. So today I hear about the new iPad Mini and I think ‘aw cute’ until I then read about a possible iPad 4?? Really?!? 6 months and my device is damn near obsolete?!? Or at least it’s on the fast track to becoming ‘vintage’. C’mon. Does Apple not realize that the original ‘antique’ iPad barely came out in 2010?? It’s ridiculous!! Way to piss off your loyal customers, Apple. I’ve already made up my mind and I have no desire to upgrade to the iPhone 5. What’s the point?? Once my 2 years are up you may be nearing the iPhone 8. Smh. Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPad 3 but just the thought that its soon to be the ‘older’ new iPad in less than 7 months is not cool.