Sunday, March 24, 2013

You CAN eat healthy fast food!!

On Thursday afternoon, I left the office to pick up lunch. Lately I'd been bringing my lunch to avoid the drive-thru junk but I didn't have enough time in the morning. So... I thought about El Pollo Loco's chicken salad. I could have worse, right?? So on I drove across town only to realize EVERYONE had the same idea as me. Plan B it is. Wait... what's Plan B?? I'd already decided a salad would be m lunch. A semi-healthy salad. Now what?? As I pulled out of the parking lot I headed back towards the office. Should I just grab Sonic?? (Ick) No.... there HAS to be something better. Panda?? Could I possibly have something healthy at Panda?? Perhaps. So onward I drove. Zero cars in the drive-thru. So far so good!! I pulled up to the menu and asked for a minute so look things over. My usual would be: 2 entree, Orange chicken (420), honey walnut shrimp (370), 1/2 chow mein and fried rice (510) and a Pepsi. For a grand total of 1,300 calories. That's what a single person should have in ONE day. Ridiculous!!

As I read through my options. I ordered a 2 entree: 1/2 steamed rice and chow mein, broccoli beef and grilled teriyaki chicken and 2 spring rolls. No drink. As I pulled forward, I remembered the steamed veggies and a side option. As I was paying I asked the girl if I could replace the chow mein with steamed veggies. She said of course.

I felt good!! The old me would have probably panicked because I wasn't getting my favorite orange chicken or any of my usuals. Oddly enough... I didn't feel cheated or jiped. I felt GOOD. I made healthier choices. Granted I could have driven clear across town to my house and throw together a salad. A million coulda-shouldas... but this was a big step. I was proud of myself. Had I left out the spring rolls I would have been at 595 calories.

I'm starting to learn that there are healthier choices. You just have to examine the menu and actually READ the dreaded nutrition details.

Just look how good everything looks!! Delicious and filling :) Next time I'm doing all steamed veggies and no rice (440 calories!!). Yummmm!! 

When did our foods become a Science project??

Well... yesterday I ate nothing but garbage. Utter garbage. Today I'm 'detoxing' my system to try and get all that junk out. I've noticed when I have days like that I feel so sluggish and tired all day long. I was at my church helping a lady with the coming Easter festivities and this is basically what I consumed: 2 tacos, 1/2 bean and cheese burrito, medium pepsi, nacho cheese bugles, Dad's Root Beer (didn't finish whole bottle, various Easter candies, Hot Mess burger form Jack in the Box, 1 Swedish Meat Ball, bowl of cereal

WHO NEEDS THAT MUCH FOOD?!? Ugh... by the end of the day I felt like a big pile of garbage. When I have days like that I tend to wake up with a headache. You know that 99% of the food I consumed had little or no nutritional value. The burger didn't even have lettuce. Lettuce. Most all burgers have a small piece of green foliage on them. This one... nope. Not even a hint of lettuce. Now that's sad. My grandmother has a problem eating anything with MSG. She'll usually get a real bad migraine when she does. I will sometimes but not all the time. You have to realize that all the chemicals they pump into our 'foods' will have some kind of reaction in our system. They're CHEMICALS!! When did our foods become a science project?? Why must everything be manipulated and altered to become something that resembles food but has ZERO nutritional value?? 

We need to start eating more GOD made foods and less MAN made foods!!

Today is a new day and I'm going to wave at yesterday and learn from my food mistake. I can only go forward from here, right?? (Unless someone has finally built a time machine and I can go back to yesterday and slap those things out of my paws.... no?). Well... one can only hope!! ;)

Today I'm drinking my super green drink and going to have a piece of salmon and rice for lunch or dinner.

What's inside: 
  • Spinach
  • Fuji Apples
  • Oranges
  • Carrots
  • Chia Seeds
  • Ice


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Adventure in Juicing

So.... mom and I purchased a juicer. I can't tell you how excited I am about it. Like.... real excited. Probably more than I should be. I've heard/seen/read about juicing for a while and I've wanted to try it for the longest time. FINALLY!! We have one. It barely made it through the door before it was plugged in and fruits/veggies were being turned into juice. I regret not doing this a long time ago.

My grandmother has access to TONS of fruits and veggie. Typically she would give us TONS of stuff. Sometimes on a daily basis and 78% of the time it's tossed out because we can't keep up. THIS will help out with that, I'm sure.

We had all sorts of fruits and veggies going into this little juicer!! Carrots, kale, spinach, strawberries, apples, and oranges. All of it was delicious!! :) I did put some chia seeds in mine (not though the juicer, just scooped 2 spoon fulls).

I can't wait to share some of my adventures in juicing!! :D

Chia Seeds and health stuffs :)

This is my first attempt at the famous 'green smoothie'. One a scale from I'd-Rather-Eat-Paint to Best-Thing-To-Enter-My-Mouth, I'd give it a 7. It wasn't bad at all!! 

My concoction: 
Plain Organic Yogurt
Splash of Whole Milk 
Kitchen Si... Wait... no. 
Chia Seeds

Threw it all in the blender. Watched it whirl around for a bit. Dumped contents into reusable Starbucks tumbler. Took a sip. Alas!! I'm still alive. It's quite tastey. My only complaint.... it's way too thick. I mean like... 'suck hard' kinda thick. My next one will have a few splashes of organic apple juice.
I made this before 7 AM and worked on it all throughout the day and had about an inch worth left in the cup after 5 PM. On a typical day I would be famished come lunch time but all I ate was a small Tupperware of left over enchiladas and some cashews. I felt full and satisfied for the whole day. Could it be the Chia seeds?? We shall see. I wanna give it a couple more days and see what happens.

That is my main goal... hopefully these little seeds will keep me full and satisfied and eliminate the 'bored' eating. Especially at work...

I've wanted to try Chia Seeds for some time now and finally bought some from Raley's. They did a small segment on them on Good Morning America and so far I've heard nothing but good things about them.
I'm going to try and incorporate them into different dishes and breakfast oatmeal.

For the first time I'm about 90% serious about getting my butt in gear and fix my mess of an eating habit. After watching several different documentaries about eating more God made foods rather than man made foods really struck a nerve. Man made food isn't 'food', it's assembled 'stuff' made to look like food. It has zero nutrients or just plain 'ol good stuff for you!!

I'm excited about this adventure!! :)