Sunday, September 29, 2013

Just a Couple of Things I've Whipped Up

BLT - Fresh sourdough, tomatoes and crisp summer greens all from Farms Market, bacon and pepper jack cheese. YUM!! 

Frosted Pumpkin Cookies (didn't do the frosting, they were perfect as is). Recipe Here

Delicious salad!! Romane lettuce, fuji apples, croutons, rasins, grilled salmon and raspberry vinaigrette 

Semi-Taco Salad. Romane lettuce, colbyjack cheese, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken with garlic seasoning, black beans and corn with a mayo and green taco sauce dressing. So good and simple!! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's Almost That Time of Year...

It's almost that time of year!! Autumn. The best and my favorite time of year!! I love the crisp air. Crunchy golden leaves. Sweaters. Pumpkin Spice (everything). Boots. Baking. Pumpkin Patches. I love it all!! 
Now, if only the silly California Central Valley weather would corporate then I would be very happy!! These 90+ degree days need to end. Very soon. Last year we didn't get much of a Fall. I pray for a long one this year!! 

Well... it's not Starbucks but still very yummy!! Last year I had a real issue with their Pumpkin Spice Lattes. They tasted like burnt plastic to me. Every single one I bought wasn't right. I just bought my own creamer and made my own Pumpkin Spice Lattes. So I'll give them another try this year. <3

Just a couple of my favorite photos over the past couple of weeks: 

For some reason, Lilly has made it her mission to sleep on or as close to my pillow as she possibly can. The other night, while reading, she shimmies her way on my pillow and settles in. As uncomfortable as I was with her pressed against my head, I couldn't move her. She had her little head on mine and listening to her little snores melted my heart. Eventually she got down, but it was beyond adorable. I love this little ball of fur beyond words!! 

Here she's beggin for something. I think I was snackin on some Gold Fish and she absolutely needed some. Long story short... she got some. Lol. 

Well.. a friend of mine told me about the Star Wars line at Petco... and OF COURSE... I had to go check it out. They're absolutely amazing!! They didn't have the Star Wars toys... but I will be back for those. 
Ahh!! I love it!! 

My mom took this picture and it's gorgeous!! She's been going on walks almost every morning and get's to see these amazing sunrises. Now if only I could get my keester in gear to wake up early and go with her!! 
Time to work on that!! :)

xoxo - J