Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy 2012!!

Recently, my mother and I have been doing a lot more baking and homemade cooking. Over the weekend we made our own pizza crust from scratch. It was delicious!! J I was very very impressed. Along with it, we made “buffalo” chicken “wings” but we used drumsticks instead because they have more meat on them. I knew my dad and brother would really enjoy that. One thing we didn’t do was drench them in sauce either. We set out a couple sauce choices for a little variety instead of just one. My mom did her recipe for Chinese Chicken ‘Wings” that was beyond incredible. I liked those more than I like the chicken “wings“. By the end of that dinner… we were stuffed but didn’t over do it. There’s just something about cooking/baking your own food from scratch. You don’t feel so over bloated in the end…. But that’s just my opinion. Sometime last week my grandma gave me a bunch of strawberries and I made some Strawberry Jam (recipe listed below) and it came out really good. 

Since I’ve completely cut out Fast Food… I feel so much better. I’m taking my lunches to work everyday and whipping up dinner all from scratch. I’ve read several articles regarding fast food and it just turned my stomach in knots. You don’t realize all the garbage that’s put in your so-called ‘meal’. One article I read was regarding the chicken mcnuggets. Seems harmless, right?? How could someone screw up and make mcnuggets disgusting?? Well. They are. From the article it said that they make a paste out of ALL the bits and particles of a chicken (inside and out). Horrible right?? Then they mush it all together and then add a little food coloring to make it look edible. Yuck. You have to ask yourself… would you go to the grocery store and purchase something that had the ingredients listed on the back as: chicken: feet, innards, feathers, etc.?? I didn’t think so. I’ve done really really good being good about it!! It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t had any. Yay J  

This Spring/Summer I wanna try my hand at gardening. My mom and dad always do a garden and I’m excited to try it and get to grow my own veggies!! I’m sick of spending so much $$ on fruits and veggies just to have them rot in a week. This way I’ll know I’ll never have to worry about that!! If they do spoil… I have a  full garden of more. Wheeeeeee!! :D 

I'm really excited for the new year and all the changes coming. I'm so ready :) 

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