Thursday, July 5, 2012

I did a bad bad thing...

I have a confession. *sigh* I'm not sure how to put this... but... *whine*... I went a little overboard at Sephora this past month. No... really... it's bad. Lol.

I did a complete overhaul with my cosmetics and skin care products. Lately I've had such a terrible time with my skin. Seems like EVERY SINGLE product I'd buy from Target or wherever wasn't good enough for my skin. It either left me feeling like there wasn't enough coverage or I was over caked. Never perfect. And I wasn't buying the cheapest stuff they sold at Target either. Fed up and over it... I walked into Sephora. Now, I've used MAC quite a bit in the past but not having access to a MAC or Sephora close by where I live wasn't convenient for me. I absolutely loved MAC but I wanted to venture out and try something different. Oh boy... did I ever!! I read review after review on about different products to get an idea where I should start. I headed straight for the NARS counter and it was love at first sight <3 Then I headed to the BareMinerals counter.. and... it was ALL over. I found my match. BM is a lifesaver!! I've seen their ads on TV probably a million and 8 times but never put a whole lot of thought into it. I'm now hooked. This is by far the BEST product. It always feels so light and non-cakey on my face. A++++!! I did buy the NARS foundation in the SPF Powder, Matte Liquid, concealer and primer along with BM Original Foundation and Primer, Sephora's Mineral brush... and a few (many) other things... ;) You'd think I would have stopped their. A couple of weeks later... I was back. Spent too much $$ but completely worth it!! I've gained so much information from the staff. Oh!! And probably the same week... I ordered the Naked 1 and Naked 2 pallets by Urban Decay.... their eye shadow Primer and Lip Junkie lip gloss in Naked. The eye shadows are a PERFECT match for my teal colored eyes.

Now I'm going to focus my research in finding a good skin care system. I've used Clinique in the past and it's been fabulous. Also, I've looked into Philosophy (looooove their Cabana Girl lotion) brand and from the reviews I've read they seem to be a great brand as well. The associate at Sephora said I have 'normal' skin. Which... caught me completely off guard. I always thought I had oily skin... but now that I think about it... it's probably just sweat. I do have the occasional dry patches that'll flake a bit. My main problem was not removing all my make up properly. I typically just used a make up remover towelette before I went to bed. Come to find out... those remove barely ANYTHING. Sometimes I'd go back over my face with toner and it would pick up EVERYTHING that was left behind. So... all that stuff was just sitting on my face. All night. Ick!! Thinking the whole time I was doing it right!! Now I see the error of my ways and I intend on fixing them.

The point of this post?? I GOT NEW MAKE UP!! WEEEEEEE!! :D

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