Thursday, April 26, 2012

New car!!!!

I am absolutely in love with my new car!!!! 2011 Dodge Avenger. I had originally looked at a Ford Focus but they didnt have any available. I test drove it and it was soooo nice!! They ended up paying off my Scion tC and ended up paying almost $2,000 over the amount I owed. A total blessing because every other time I went into see about getting another car my car was valued less than what I owed and they weren't going to pay it off so I would have been upside down. God truly worked everything out. I was shocked and very surprised!!!! The car is fabulous and such an upgrade from my tC. I was NOT looking forward to getting things fixed on my tC. I was needing 2 new tires and a single tire is $150+ each, the hatch wouldn't stay open, the trunk handle was hanging on my a thread... just to name a few.... and I just did NOT want to deal with all that. The easiest solution?? NEW CAR!! :)

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