Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I wish...

I had something interesting to say. Lol.

Well... my birthday was Monday and I just wasn't feelin' it this year. I wanted it to pass quickly and get it over with. Saturday, I had a mini melt down. I was at my birthday lunch thing at my grandmas and I lost it. Lol. The whole day I was on the verge of tears for no apparent reason and something just sparked it. I ended up leaving and going to get Starbucks. Text'd my mom back and forth for a while then ended up going back. The thing I love most about my family is they know exactly how I felt. They've all been there and done that so they didn't make a huge deal about it. I just came back and we had tea with strawberry shortcake. Lol. Sounds weird?? But that's what I needed!! I felt much better after that. On Monday I was suppose to get off early... but that didn't happen. I ended up getting off at 4:30 PM (30 minutes) early... but oh well. My mom, Auntie Kristie and I went to Kings Asian Cuisine for dinner. It was nice and simple.

Thinking about my birthday last year... is crazy. THAT night... was amazing but I've calmed down and don't drink (very much) or smoke anymore. So I just wanted something simple.

I barely got a hug from my dad. I'm not even sure he realized it was my birthday. Oh well... he has it own set of issues he's dealing with. Honestly, looking back I've come to the conclusion that my dad was never really meant to be a dad. I guess I shouldn't say it like that... but he's never been the 'typical father figure'. I see some father/daughter relationships and I'm envious of them. I WISH we had a close relationship but I know that won't ever really happen. He's not the type to express or show emotion. That's just how he was raised and brought up so I can't be too upset over that.

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