Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It’s getting to be that time of year again!! Warm clothes, scarves, hot beverages, crisp air, colored changing leaves and baking!! 

Fall has to be one of my favorite times of the year. I absolutely love everything about it. In Merced it gets to beastly hot during the summer that Fall is such a wonderful relief. I’ve already done a little Fall decorating shopping… maybe a little too much but I want to get things going early so I can enjoy it longer!! Plus… you can usually get some good deals when you shop early!! I think I spent around $80 at Micheals and ended up with a TON of decorating things. Right now it’s sitting in my trunk and I’m itchin to put it up!! I may wait another week but we’ll see… I don’t want it burnin a hole in my cars trunk ;) 

I’ve never started this early but I’m going to try and get things taken care of a lot earlier this year. Usually for Christmas I’m rushing at the last minute for gifts but I’m going to try and plan things out better this year. That way I’m not spending a good chunk of money all at one time. I’ve learned it’s better to spread things out a little. 

I’ve kinda learned that the hard way… and I’m actually still trying to teach myself that. Currently I’ve put myself in a financial pickle all because of a Coach purse. *sigh* Ok… ok… two coach purses… and a wristlet. Don’t judge me!! Oh this things we put ourselves through for cute accessories!! My bosses daughter sent me an invite for a Coach Factory online store and O.M.G. it’s dangerous!! Real, authentic Coach purses… at an unbelievable discount…?? YES. PLEASE. I should be receiving my first shipment this Thursday. I’d placed an order using my bosses daughters invite and once I received my very own, I placed another. I’m half tempted to hunt the truck down (wherever it’s at) and get my purse NOW!! But… for now… I’m being patient. My boss got herself a really cute purse and even took it to a Coach store to check it’s authenticity; the gal said it is for sure Coach and that the website is legit. Fabulous!! I’d rather not have a name brand purse than a knock off. To me… they scream knock off!! But that’s probably just me… ;) 

Anyways… with that being said... I'm going to buckle down and save save save!! I have to and not going to let myself over spend on myself. I was doing pretty good there for a while but once I caught wind of these purses... I literally blacked out and ordered a bunch of stuff. Yeah. That's my story and I'm stickin to it!! =D

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