Saturday, August 17, 2013

Adventures in Yard Sales!!

Today was the first time I've gone to yard sales in a long time. As a kid my grandmother, grandpa, brother and myself would always go first thing Saturday morning. It was so much fun!! It was neat finding all kinds of random treasures. At times I would be embarrassed because I thought poor people went to yard sales. As a kid, I didn't understand. Looking back, going with my grandma, it was one of my fondest memories. She would supply us with a small coin purse full of $1 bills and tons of quarters. We would come back to her house and sit around and look through all the things we got!! I miss those times.

I now realize it's such a wonderful thing when you're searching for pieces of furniture to redo. You can spend little money and put a little money into the pieces and turn them into something priceless!! I'm excited!! I think I'm going to start going with them each weekend to spend time with them and find some furniture for my future home!

Today I found two really nice lamps. My boss's daughter had a yard sale and she has amazing style!! I didn't want to pass it up. I bought two REALLY nice lamps. One was a super heavy crystal lamp and an Eiffel Tower lamp, kinda like the one Kristie bought for my birthday 2 years ago. A really cute mint color mug, a tall candle pedestal holder, a decorative plate and a couple decorative knickknacks. We didn't get started until after 7 and by then everything had pretty much been picked through. Even still... I got some real nice items. Had we got started earlier we would have made out like bandits!!

In the future, I'm going to look for the big ticket items, like furniture. Things I'll need for my future abode!!

I should have taken pictures of my finds!! But they've been taken to my grandmas to my storage. I've been stockpiling items until I can find a place.

It's an adventure!!

xoxo J

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