Saturday, August 3, 2013

Monterey 07/28/2013

When life's a beach you head to the beach!! (Super cheesy) Lol. 

Well, mom and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Monterey on Sunday and Lilly got to go! She wasn't too thrilled about the car ride but we had a wonderful time!! 

Made a quick pit stop at Casa De Fruta to use the facilities and see some ducks! 

Ahh!! Monterey!! It seriously doesn't get much better than this. My heart is happy when I'm here!! I would give anything to call this home. We stopped at the Monterey Warf to walk around a bit and grab some of the famous clam chowder from the Fishermans Grotto. EVERYONE wanted to pet Lilly. I'm not too sure she was into that either. She sure didn't appreciate walking above water on the warf but all in all I think she liked it. 

We drove aways past Monterey and Cannery Row and parked to have lunch. Rolled the windows down and listened to the waves while we enjoyed the warm soup. It was Heavenly!! Just what we needed. 

After we ate we walked around for a while. Lilly was trying to figure everything out. She wasn't too sure about the large amount of water making lots of noise and trying to get her wet. It was adorable watching her running all over the place. 

Simply amazing!! <3

Taking a break from runnin around in the sand! 

On our way home, we decided to stop in Moss Landing. A very small town located a little ways past Monterey. Their beach is wonderful! It's never crowded. We walked around for awhile. Lilly barked at every single bird she saw and barked at the waves. When we'd get to close to the water she's go nuts! I'm sure she was trying to warn us not to go to close. 

I never ever wanted to leave!! There's nothing like sitting by the beach and just listen. Press pause and listen to the waves. It's like hitting the reset button. 

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